We are a newly created student political list at University of Bergen. We seek to represent the students at our university in the student parliament 2016/2017. We have our origin at mat-nat faculty, and our arguments are based on values we have gained at this faculty; Objectivity, logics, constructivity all with the students best in mind.

The political framework of Realistlista (The Science party)

What is Realistlista?

Realistlista is a hub of committed students from the University of Bergen (UiB) with an ambition to put a higher focus on the students at the Student Parliament (SP). Our goal is to achieve this by focusing on swift and effective solutions regarding both huge and minor issues.

Three major focus areas:

1. More focus on the students
2. Rationality and objectivity in issues relevant to the students
3. Being constructive and action-orientated

How will Realistlista operate?

Realistlisa will prioritize issues that directly or indirectly benefit the students at UiB, by establishing our studentpolitics and the issues that we will focusing on, on the basis of what the students need.

Education strategy

Practice in education Realistlista believes that relevant practice should be a part of the education at UiB, which applies to both practices in research teams and in business. We have a public duty, as a non-governmental organization, to educate both academia and more; Realistlsita wants UiB to movie ahead in this development.

Digitization of both teaching and evaluation The higher education in Norway is lagging behind in terms of digitization of both teaching and evaluation. Therefore, Realistlista will work to try to seize that UiB does not digitizes for the sake of digitization, but to maintain the high quality and relevance for both further studies and working life.

Increased quality of teaching

Realistlista will work to obtain an increasement in the quality of education, in regards to both alternative teaching methods and training of the teachers. This is because we believe that the traditional lecture, where the lecturer reads from a book in front of the students, does not belong in a modern teaching context.

Science procurement

Realistlista will work to put more focus on the procurement of science to the public and education of students in this area, since enough work is currently not being done at UiB. And since the world is becoming increasingly interconnected through the Internet, it leads to a free flow of information both within the sciences and humaniora. Therefore, this provides the non-governmental organizations both a chance and a duty to enlighten the public about scientific developments and findings in an understandable way


Greater focus on mental health

19% of students report serious psychological distress symptoms at UiB (From shot-Survey 2014, summary here: http://www.sib.no/no/helse/shot­2014/sammendrag­shot­2014). This is a much higher percentage compared to the percentage from the general population. As a result, Realistlista will work for a greater focus on both preventive, and curative measures, of the students mental health at UiB.

Contraception for the people

Realistlista wants a better availability of contraceptives, for both the male and the female students at UiB. During ”klamydiaaksjonen” in 2015, many instances of this STD was verified amongst students in Bergen. On this basis, we will work for less taboo around STDs and more focus on contraception amongst students.

Learning environment

Better student workspace

Realistlista requires that the students working space at UiB follows the rules UiB have set (h​ttp://www.uib.no/utdanning/49506/s%C3%B8rviserkl%C3%A6ring­studentarbeidspl asser#_ftn2). We will therefore work with a special focus on a modern workplace with availability of good chairs, power outlets, good air quality and more.

Predictable campus life

Realist list will promote a predictable campus life where study halls, and other student workspaces, should be outside the individual faculties and departments power to decide over. Students should have a guarantee when it comes to visiting the university at any time, without having to plan in advance, in cases where the administration or others have booked the study halls/student workspaces for other activities (e.g. exam).


Increased focus on the inclusion of the international students

Realistlista believes that it is important to increase the inclusion of international students to promote better exchange of experience, impressions and knowledge. The international students receive the Norwegian perspective on their field of study and Norwegian culture, but we believe that the Norwegian students should take advantage of the opportunity to get the same back from the visiting students. We believe that the latter is an important resource, and therefore wish to promote it.

Increase the percentage of students who go on exchange Realistlisa wants an increase in the number of students going on exchange from UiB, since an international perspective on their own field and society is an essential part of both the personal and professional education.


A sustainable future Realistlista will promote sustainable development both at the university and elsewhere. This applies both to focus on a greener way, more focus on renewable energy, and a future-oriented education.


Dormitory Realistlista wants to get increase focus on the development of student dorms. In addition, we will work to prevent placing of the exchange students in Bergen in one specific area, which has lead to little everyday contact with other students.

Education grant Realistlista will work 1.5G in financial support for 11 months, as students also need summer vacation, and should not have to go straight to working after the exams are done in order to cover housing costs in June and July.

Recruitment to science Realistlista wants more focus on recruitment to higher education in sciences in Norway, and hence will work to increase the focus on it. This is due to the fact that the society is evolving, and we see a need for realists in the future.